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Level Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void draw (BITMAP *buffer)
int getCollectedStars ()
int getTime ()
bool isCompleted ()
bool isFailed ()
void load (const std::string &filename)
void logic ()
void setCollectedStars (int collectedStars)
void setGoalReached (bool goalReached)

Protected Member Functions

void gameLogic ()
void handleCollision ()
void introLogic ()

Protected Attributes

gcn::AllegroGraphics * mAllegroGraphics
gcn::AllegroImageLoader * mAllegroImageLoader
SAMPLE * mBeepSample
int mCollectedStars
bool mCompleted
int mFrame
bool mGoalReached
gcn::Gui * mGui
std::list< std::string > mIntroText
bool mLastEnter
gcn::Label * mReady
gcn::Label * mRoll
int mScroll
gcn::Label * mStarsLabel
gcn::Label * mSteady
int mTime
gcn::Label * mTimeLabel
gcn::Container * mTop

Detailed Description

Definition at line 44 of file level.hpp.

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